About Us

Whistling Wind Lamb, part of Whistling Wind Ranch, is 100% grass-fed and finished. Our sheep are raised outside year round with the exception of lambing. When not exploring and grazing our forested pastures the sheep are fed the best forage based diet we can source from local suppliers. Being outside allows our sheep to ‘be sheep’ which makes them calmer and easier to handle. We try to keep things as low stress as possible which makes for ‘happy’ meat.

We have secured winter pasture at St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estates Winery, in Kelowna, BC. The winery is located near Okanagan Lake and therefore gets little snow so the sheep can graze grass almost year round. The only time the sheep need hay is when the snow gets too deep that they are unable to get enough grass.

Our sheep are bred, raised and processed in beautiful British Columbia and are raised naturally, ethically and sustainably. They are not given any unnecessary antibiotics or other medications.

We strive for nose to tail usage of our animals, where all possible parts of the animal is used. We get the offal (organ meat), bones, lungs and hides returned to us from the abbatoir. The offal and lungs are turned into pet treats, the bones are for sale as dog bones or broth bones, and the hides are tanned and sold.