Benefits of Grass-fed Lamb

These benefits are based on a 4.0 oz portion.

  • 55% daily protein intake or 27.5 grams of protein.
  • 48% daily value for Vitamin B12 (red blood cell production, nerve function)
  • 37% daily value for B3 (helps body release energy, nervous system function)
  • 14% daily value for B2 (helps body release energy, plays roll in good vision)
  • 12% daily value of Iron (red blood cell production)
  • 33% daily value of Zinc (supports immune system, hormone regulation)
  • 7% daily value of Copper (iron metabolism and red blood cell synthesis)
  • Those with digestive issues have no problems consuming lamb versus beef or pork
  • Suitable for those following ketogenic or paleo-inspired diets

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